Clinical Course by Dr. Salah Alzait in Sharjah, UAE - 16-19 May 2024

Clinical Course by Dr. Salah Alzait

♦️It’s clinical course with real patients in 4 stations
To take your time in repeating manauver of examination steps many times and train your tongue on presentation of the findings
♦️Course focusing mainly on the skills of the exam
♦️Time from 8 am to 8pm
♦️Number of patients above 55 patient
🟥Cns station :cases examples spactic paraparesis with complete cord affection, anterior cord syndrome, heridatory Spastic paraparesis, Spastic hemiparisis, proximal myopathy, Fredrick attaxia, multiple sclerosis, Connus Medelaries lesion, Crepellum, Parkinson, chorea, Prephral neuropathy, charcot marrie tooth disease, flaccid monoparisis polio, and brown sequard syndrome
🟥Cardiovascular station : mitral regurgitation, Aortic regurgitation, Aortic stenosis, ventricular septal defect, all mechanical valve replacement like mitral valve replacement, Aortic valve replacement, double valve replacement, coranary artery bipass graft and cardiac device like picemaker and mixed valvular lesion

🟥Chest station : pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiactasis, Copd,, mixed lesion and (lupectomy soon in sha Allah will be arranged)
🟥 Abdomen :chronic liver disease, chronic hemolytic anemia, kedny transplantation, liver transplantation, polycystic kedny
♦️ Regarding long clinical consultation covering selected common cases in the exam like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, systemic sclerosis and others
Will give docter real scinario in mock exam and adjust time for him according to his exam with full Examiner questions (typical exam situation)

♦️ Regarding mock exam usually after finishing 3 days seen large number of cases we are going to test the docter in around 18 patients all of them highly selected and expected to get similar to them in your coming exam covering all 4 clinical stations
In the mock exam focusing only on the examination teqnique and findings & if you you want to pass clinical stations easy pass the mock cases at least 10 out of 18 patients and from our experience you will pass them easy and you will go satisfied and ready for your exam with total difference in your performance before and after the course.
By success in Sha Allah

Please don't pay fees before checking with the course coordinator on whatsapp below for the availability of the spots, if you already spoke to the course coordinator then you can proceed with the payment, click PAY NOW

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